The association

As a shared workshop, La FABrique du Loch is open to anyone to do almost anything : learn , create , repair . Manual as well as computer-controlled tools are available for the members of the FabLab to make their projects , be it personal , joint , serious or far-fetched.

The fundamental principle of a FabLab is to « make together » and « share knowledge ». La FABrique du Loch is a multidisciplinary and multi-generational sharing space, where anyone can come regardless of knowledge, in a spirit of friendliness and respect.

La FABrique du Loch is supported by Auray's townhall, who follow the project since its inception.

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about the founders

The project was born in 2014 thanks to four friends , Patrick Jullien race ships preparator, Benjamin Muyl naval architect, Stéphanie Fiévé architect, and  Arnaud Schweitzer project manager. Each of them helped to build the association that birthed in July 2015.

the fabmanager